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‘I’m the sort of person who never ducks an interview’: Well where are you Michael Daley?

NSW Opposition leader Michael Daley has gone into hiding, refusing to return to The Alan Jones Breakfast Show.

On March 5, the pair engaged in a bruising, face-to-face interview.

Alan grilled the want-to-be premier over his dealings as a Randwick councillor and associations with Eddie Obeid.

While Mr Daley promised to sack Alan from the SCG Trust board if elected.

During the interview, Mr Daley claimed he always fronts up to an interview, no matter how tough.

“I’m the sort of person who never ducks an interview”

– Labor leader Michael Daley

Despite being threatened with the sack, Alan finished the interview with a direct offer for the Labor leader to return before the election.

Alan Jones: “Come back next week.”

Michael Daley: “Happy to.”

And yet, he’s nowhere to be found.

Alan has repeated the offer to Mr Daley’s office multiple times and been flat out rejected.

“He’s a man of real courage, Michael Daley,” says Alan.

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