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‘I’m getting electricity prices down’: Prime Minister has no plans to dump Paris agreement

The Prime Minister says he has no plans to dump the Paris climate accord, arguing it will not lower power prices.

Under the plan, Australia will need to reduce its emissions by 26 per cent over the next decade.

Scott Morrison maintains the target won’t be legislated, telling Alan Jones it’s only an aspiration that Austalia will easily meet.

But when questioned on whether he will dump the Paris climate agreement, the PM is reluctant to give a solid answer.

PM: “I’m getting electricity prices down.”

Alan: “No but hang on, you’re going to dump Paris or ignore it. Which is it?”

PM: “Well, we meet it in a canter… It’ll have no impact on electricity prices, but I’ll tell you what will.

“Labor will legislate a 45 per cent emissions reduction target that will push power prices up by $1400 a year.

“The policies that we’re working on will see prices fall by around $400 a year.”

The Prime Minister says he’s going to “make decisions in the national interest”.

“This has distracted people for a decade. It’s not the thing that I’m focusing my attention on.”

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Mr Morrison is also adamant in his plans to win the next election.

“I plan to win the next election and I’m not going to win this next election by fighting it on Bill Shorten’s ground.

“Bill Shorten wants to have an ideological debate about climate. I want to have a practical debate about reducing electricity prices.”