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‘I’m disgusted with it’: Pauline Hanson ditches Canberra to be with flood victims

Pauline Hanson has ditched Senate estimates in Canberra to stay on the ground with flood victims in North Queensland.

The One Nation leader is at Julia Creek, near Cloncurry, where an estimated 500,000 cattle have been killed.

In a statement, Ms Hanson says, “Senate estimates happens once every few months, whereas this is a one in five-hundred-year flood and I intend to ensure the people who need help, get help.”

Speaking with Alan Jones, Senator Hanson says the decision was easy.

“It’s a hell of a mess up here Alan and I thought, I’m more beneficial up here.”

She says it’s disgusting to hear her fellow politicians arguing about boat people instead of helping devastated farmers.

“I’m in Julia Creek, just over 500 people here, [with] fly in, fly out doctors.

“And here we are with these political parties, opportunists, worrying about other people that have one doctor per seven or eight refugees.

“And we’re worried about their health… I’m disgusted with it.”

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