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Greens councillor refuses to apologise for encouraging public to break the law

A call between Ben Fordham and a Greens councillor has turned fiery, after he repeatedly refused to apologise for endorsing vandalism.

Jonathan Sri is a Greens councillor in Brisbane and has come under fire after he endorsed and encouraged vandalising advertising on bus shelters.

“I’m not surprised when I hear that disgruntled residents are vandalising advertising on bus shelters,” Mr Sri said.

“In fact, I wish it happened more often.”

His comments followed a decision to renew advertising contracts for bus shelters in Brisbane’s CBD.

Mr Sri is angry about council signing off on a 12-year agreement, telling Ben Fordham residents are being left in the dark.

But despite Ben pushing him repeatedly to apologise for his comments, the councillor refuses.

Ben: “Why don’t you take some personal responsibility for your comment… by apologising for encouraging people to break the law.”

Councillor Sri: “Whom am I apologising to, the advertising company?”

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