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‘I really do believe’: John Howard insists Scott Morrison is ‘in with a big chance’

Former Prime Minister John Howard says he truly believes Scott Morrison can pull off a shock election victory on the weekend.

Although polls have tightened since the campaign begun, Labor remains firm favourite to take government.

One betting company has even paid out on all bets for Bill Shorten to become the 31st Prime Minister of Australia.

Despite this, Mr Howard tells Ben Fordham it’s going to be an extremely tight race.

“I’m not saying the Liberal Party are going to win in a landslide… it would be a very narrow victory.

“But equally, I don’t think the Labor Party is going to win in a landslide.

“They’re not behaving like a group of people who, deep down, now think the election is in the bag.”

Mr Howard insists his Liberal Party allegiance hasn’t clouded his judgement. The former PM says he sees something special in the man they call ScoMo.

“It would be an enormous tribute to him if he can pull this off and I think he can still pull it off.

“I really do believe, and it’s not just the normal propaganda so to speak, I really believe that he’s in there with a big chance.”

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Mr Howard went on to tell Ben that Bill Shorten has sought to divide Australians more than any of his predecessors.

And he believes it could cost him.

“The worst philosophical aspect of this campaign is the class division that Bill Shorten has invoked.

“He uses the language of envy that Bob Hawke would never have used… that Kim Beazley as Opposition Leader [wouldn’t have used].

“The constant sneering about your rich mates and the big end of town. That is envy politics and it’s something.”