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HSC students relocated ‘quickly and seamlessly’ after copycat bomb hoax

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HSC students at North Sydney Boys High School have had their Modern History exam disrupted by a third threat in as many days, believed to be made over the phone by a copycat.

The NSW Education Standards Authority said the exam, as well as this afternoon’s French Extension exam, have been moved to an alternative venue and students will receive the full amount of time.

A NSW Police task force is investigating the repeated bomb threats, which have forced evacuations at more than 30 schools across the state since Tuesday, affecting around 800 HSC students.

The AFP have since become involved in the investigation after the original emails were traced back to Eastern Europe.

NSW Department of Education Secretary Mark Scott told Deborah Knight alternative venues were already ready for students due to COVID-19 precautions.

“This is a disruption that nobody wants, just on the brink of sitting down to sit an exam, to know they have to be moved … but it happened quickly and seamlessly.

“Their particular circumstances will be considered by NESA.”

If threats continue, he said, every case will be evaluated by police before a decision to evacuate is reached.

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