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How a regional community rallied together during COVID-19

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The Aussie community spirit saved a regional pub facing an uncertain future amid COVID-19 restrictions and a shock cancer diagnosis.

When the pandemic forced the temporary closure of the Quinalow pub, north of Toowoomba in Queensland, owner Greg Daley thought it was all over.

Mr Daley told Ray Hadley he didn’t know what he was going to do, he had to try and keep the pub going whilst also dealing with a shock prostate cancer diagnosis.

The community really got behind the family-run pub and put their money into buying takeaway meals and drinks as often as they could.

“People here really put their shoulder to the wheel … there’s 70 people here and they’re thirsty,” said Greg.

“We just laugh and cry with each other and do what we got to do to survive.”

Mr Daley was moved to tears with Ray’s show of support for the little bush pub’s positivity in these “desperate times”.

“Thanks mate … mate that’s terrific, pardon me, I get emotional from time to time.”

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