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‘He’s deluding himself’: Mark Latham on Turnbull’s ‘miserable ghost’ outburst

Malcolm Turnbull has described former prime ministers Tony Abbott and Kevin Rudd as “miserable ghosts”, taking aim at them for “blowing up” government.

While delivering a brutal assessment of his former colleagues in New York, Mr Turnbull slammed the government over the “crazy” Liberal leadership crisis that led to his eviction in August and hit out at his predecessors.

Mark Latham tells Ben Fordham if Malcolm Turnbull “thinks he can stay out of any kind of public light, he’s deluding himself”.

“All prime ministers that have moved out of office, you know, they’ll find some kind of public role and nothing’s private anymore. Malcolm Turnbull will learn the lesson there.

“He’s talking to some gathering in New York. Everyone’s got an iPhone. Everyone’s a photographer, everyone’s a recording artist.”

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On the recent charges against South Sydney’s Greg Inglis, Mark says it’s “dreadful” but “our expectations of [sportsmen] are way too high”.

“I’ve never liked this proposition that we build our sportsmen up to be role models.

“Rugby league and other codes have gone along with it… it’s a bit of media game to build them up and rip them down.

“Some people will be saying, ‘What’s sport got to do with that?’ Pay your penalty as a citizen and get on with something, that at the end of the day is chasing the pigskin around the football field.

“Drink driving and the danger you could cause to other people on the road is totally unacceptable.”