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Harmful asbestos found at Springwood depot after the site was cleared

Deadly asbestos has been identified at Blue Mountains City Council’s Springwood depot after it was initially cleared of the harmful material.

Frustrated council workers contacted alternative asbestos assessor, Airsafe, to investigate the depot following fears the site hadn’t been checked properly.

The leaked Airsafe report revealed nine out of ten inspected areas tested positive for asbestos.

Ray says the Local Government Minister Gabrielle Upton needs to stop sitting on her hands and act.

“I’ll keep doing your job for you Gabrielle until someone realises these people are putting men and women’s lives at risk.

‘”If they were being killed tomorrow there’d be a Royal Commission but because the poor buggers might die in 30, 40 or 50 years, no one down there seems to give a bugger.

“It is time there was action taken. She threatened to sack the council then she went weak at the knees, there is clear evidence they have not taken that last opportunity to clean up their act.”

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The matter prompted Judy to call about her husband George, who was diagnosed with asbestosis 10 years ago.

“This is a death sentence George has. He’s got a death sentence over something that wasn’t his fault and these politicians… do not take this seriously.

“In 40 years time, if they don’t get off their backsides and do something about all this now they’re going to have…all those poor bastards with the same thing.

“I just want people out there to realise this is serious. You won’t see the effects until later on down the track.”

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