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Half a million Australians are unaware they’re walking around with a serious disease

Half a million Australians are going about their daily business not knowing they’re living with a serious health condition.

The disease is type 2 diabetes, a condition which stops the body from maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.

Diabetes Awareness Week has kicked off and this year’s message is simple. It’s about time for early detection and intervention.

CEO of Diabetes NSW Sturt Eastwood tells Michael McLaren those with the type 2 strain often don’t know they’re unwell and it’s putting their lives at risk.

“The more concerning thing for us is all of the damage that can occur with unmanaged type 2 diabetes is occurring whether you’re diagnosed or not.”

If the condition goes untreated, sufferers can experience strokes, heart attacks and kidney failure.

“If you don’t know, you can’t do anything about it. Management and treatment is good these days and we want people to get diagnosed,” Sturt says.

Simon Savage was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as a teenager and has been monitoring the auto-immune condition for over 20 years. He says his diagnosis certainly hasn’t held him back.

“I was always very active and I continue to be. In fact, levels of exercise help me manage my diabetes.”

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