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Government plan to extend visiting hours should be treated with ‘caution’

The state government’s latest plan is to extend hospital visiting hours, but it’s raised concerns from hospital staff and loved ones.

Nurses are concerned the extended waiting hours could impact security during the early hours of the morning, while family members worry they’ll be expected to take on bathing and feeding responsibilities.

Restrictions to visiting hours are being scrapped at three major Sydney hospitals, and if all goes well, hospitals across the state will see the change.

“It seems like a nice idea to let patients be with their loved ones constantly, but it might not always be ideal,” says Ben Fordham.

NSW Shadow Health Minister Walt Secord says we need to approach the plan “with caution”.

“Let’s not see this as a backdoor way of shifting responsibility onto family members.”

Earlier this year, Ben detailed the shocking revelation that drug dealers were infiltrating Sydney hospitals and Mr Secord says it highlights the concerns nurses have.

“I remember when you actually broke that story Ben, that was shocking and that highlights what nurses were concerned about, security 24/7.”

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