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Drug dealers are infiltrating our hospitals

Drug peddlers are taking their deals to the extreme, infiltrating our hospital systems and injecting patients with heroin.

In an exclusive tip-off, Ben Fordham reveals the shocking violation made by these drug lords.

The disgraceful deals and exchanges are organised between patients and dealers.

In a recent incident, a staff member at St Vincent’s Hospital who was doing their regular rounds, walked in on a man injecting heroin into the arm of a patient.

The dealer quickly escaped before hospital security made it to the room.

But did the hospital call the police?


Many of the staff believe they have an ethical obligation not to call police.

They put it down to the duty of care to the patient, telling Ben if a patient is addicted to a drug, they need to accommodate that.

Staff believe if police get involved, it may the deter the patient from coming back and seeking help.

A statement from St Vincent’s Hospital says otherwise:

“St Vincent’s has zero tolerance for any illegal activity undertaken on Hospital grounds, including dealing or purchasing illegal substances.

Any illegal activity on our grounds is immediately reported to Hospital Security as well as NSW Police.

Our Health Service regularly meets with NSW Police on a range of operational matters, and they provide ongoing support to ensure our Hospital staff and patients’ safety.”

In a phone call, St Vincent’s confirmed these incidents do happen on hospital grounds, but describes them as “isolated incidents”.

They also stress police are called in each instance.

Listen to Ben’s comments in full below