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‘I can die a happy man’: Government launches ‘toughest crackdown on paedophiles in Australia’s history’

Steve Price

The federal government is urging all states to sign-up to a national register of child-sex offenders.

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has started consultation on what he calls, “the toughest crackdown on paedophiles in Australia’s history,” telling states and territories it’s on the agenda.

The register would publish a convicted paedophile’s name, aliases, photograph, date of birth and nature of offending.

It would also publish their general locality, most likely their postcode, while keeping their specific address hidden.

Law enforcement agencies would vet information to make sure it’s accurate and doesn’t identify abuse victims.

Minister Dutton tells Steve Price the register will only work if states come on board.

“The data has to be provided by the states and territories.

“It doesn’t work without their buy-in so that’s why we’re in a phase of consultation with them now.

“But, we’re certainly committed to going ahead with something but we would need the agreement of the states and territories.”

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Crossbench Senator Derryn Hinch has been campaigning for the register for decades and tells Steve Price, “I can die a happy man”.

“This is the reason I got into politics,” says Mr Hinch.

“They’ve had this is the United States for 22 years now. This will work.”

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