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Good Samaritan miraculously helps couple find wedding ring lost for 45 years


A generous metal detectorist has helped an elderly couple find a wedding ring that was lost in their backyard for 45 years.

When Jual Butler posted on a community Facebook page offering to help people find items they’d lost, he never imagined the incredible story that would unfold.

He was contacted by Michael Hill from Tingalpa, Queensland, who lost his wedding ring 45 years ago.

Michael was certain the ring was lost in his own backyard after he mowed the grass one day.

Metal detectorist Jual Butler tells Deborah Knight how he searched high and low for two days before miraculously finding the ring.

“I spent just shy of 11 hours [looking for the ring].

“I didn’t actually charge Michael and Kay anything.”

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The interview prompted a flood of calls on the openline from listeners who wanted to share their own incredible stories.

Margaret called in to tell Deb how she accidentally threw her ring into the water while fishing and amazingly found it inside a fish she caught a few hours later!

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Image: Getty/Mohssen Assanimoghaddam