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‘Get your pen out’: Ray Hadley calls out journalist’s errors live on-air

Ray Hadley has slammed a Fairfax journalist for getting the details wrong following an interview with Tony Abbott this morning.

The Australian Financial Review journalist Phillip Coorey wrote that “2GB shock jock Ray Hadley, who also helped bring down Mr [Malcolm] Turnbull” urged Mr Abbott to take an indigenous envoy offered to him by new Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

The article states “Mr Hadley indicated Mr Morrison had rung him ahead of Mr Abbott ‘s interview to impress upon Mr Abbott that the envoy offer was ‘a fair dinkum job’.”

Ray Hadley has called out the inaccuracies, and suggested changes to his copy live on-air.

“I’ll dictate it for you Phillip, so get your pen out.

“‘Mr Hadley said on air… that I texted the prime minister and said, ‘Is it a fair dinkum job offer?’.

“He replied, ‘Yes it is a fair dinkum job offer’, so I conveyed that to Mr Abbott as most good broadcasters would do.”

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When it comes to being accused of helping to “bring down” former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull, Ray also has a few things to say.

“Well thank you, Phillip, I really appreciate the kudos you’re giving me for bringing down a PM. I’m far more powerful than you could ever hope to be but I think the praise is in the wrong direction.

“I think you’ll find that it was 38 consecutive Newspolls that brought him down and a lot of his colleagues who thought he wasn’t up to the job.”


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