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‘The era of the political assassin over,’ Abbott responds to leadership chaos

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Former prime minister Tony Abbott believes the era of knifing sitting Prime Ministers is over, following last week’s leadership coup.

The former PM was ousted from the nation’s top job in 2015 by Malcolm Turnbull, who has himself been overthrown amid messy internal division in the Liberal Party.

Mr Abbott tells Ray Hadley the country is in better shape now because of the change of leader.

“A lot’s happened, but I think our country is in better shape today than it was a fortnight ago.

“The era of the political assassin is over, and thank god for that.

“The former prime minister will be remembered mostly for the way he got into office and for the way he got out of office.”

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Australia’s newly minted Prime Minister has offered Tony Abbott the role of special envoy to the Prime Minister in indigenous affairs in his unveiling of his new Cabinet.

In response to the offer, Tony Abbott tells Ray Hadley, “What I’d like to know from Scott is exactly what he has in mind”.

“I want to see us making a difference here… I don’t just want a title without a role.

“What I don’t want to do is trip over the toes of the minister… we’ve already got a lot of people in this space and I’d want to know exactly what value I can add.”

“Can I sincerely say to you I think he’s fair dinkum!” Ray tells the former prime minister.

“Please… take on this role, we need your experience and your expertise.

“I know you don’t want to step on toes of people, but you’ve got a contribution to make,” says Ray.

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