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‘Get on the damn train yourself’: Ray Hadley’s message to the Minister after more Metro fails

Listeners have revealed the huge problems behind the Sydney Metro after a number of failures left people stranded.

Ash tells Ray Hadley he was trying to catch the train yesterday when it shut down.

“I could see people literally stuck in the door. People are still getting in that train just as it’s about to take off.

“On numerous occasions… you get to a station and the door just doesn’t open and you’re stuck there.”

He says the organisation of the replacement buses are no better.

“No one knows anything, like there is nobody to tell you anything about what’s going on.

“There’s no one to guide you… there’s just no one around at the time when you need somebody.”

Ray has a message for Transport Minister Andrew Constance.

“Unless the government intervenes here and starts to put more staff… we’re going to have a fatality.

“Andrew, get on the damn train yourself… one day of your life, and you’ll know exactly what’s happening.”

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Image: Getty/ Matt Blyth