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Four evacuated Sydney properties only ‘the tip of the iceberg’

Image: Twitter/@jason_om

After it was revealed a fourth Sydney apartment block stands abandoned due to defects, a politician is warning the issue is likely far more serious than we know.

The Erskineville apartment block was completed in April 2018, but the City of Sydney is refusing to allow owners to move into the building.

They say the developer didn’t properly clean up toxic land beneath the building.

Some owners purchased their apartments off-the-plan as early as 2015, but have been left high and dry, forced to live with family or rent alternative accommodation.

It’s the fourth block of units in Sydney that stands abandoned after buildings in Zetland, Mascot and Sydney Olympic Park were all found to have major defects.

NSW Greens MP David Shoebridge tells Steve Price the four properties affected are only “the tip of the iceberg”, and it’s likely many more are affected.

“It’s very difficult for property owners to come forward and blow the whistle, because as soon as they identify their property as having one of these fundamental defects, well they become a pariah in their apartment block because everybody’s property takes a huge hit in terms of value.”

He also slams the state government for their refusal to release a list of NSW properties affected by the flammable cladding crisis.

“They’re keeping it secret. Can you believe that? You could be buying a property tomorrow and you won’t know if it’s got a flammable cladding issue because the state government has chosen to keep it secret!”

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