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Former union official admits he was ‘a bagman’, says others were involved

A former union official is angry more than 30 fraud charges against him have been dropped by a Perth court.

The case relates to the alleged embezzlement of hundreds of thousands of dollars from a union slush fund in the 90s.

Ralph Blewitt has admitted his involvement as “purely a bagman” but is annoyed charges were suddenly dropped after he intended to call Julia Gillard and a Federal Court judge as witnesses.

Mr Blewitt alleges other people were also involved in the matter and should be prosecuted.

Speaking with Alan Jones, he’s worried justice won’t be done.

“This is the ongoing modus operandi of the ALP. It’s nothing new to us, it’s been going for years.

“The point here is I was charged with the wrong charges. I think they deliberately did that.”

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