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Former top cop angered by decision to grant Fiona Barbieri parole

Former NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione has expressed dismay at the decision to grant Fiona Barbieri parole.

Barbieri pleaded guilty to manslaughter for her involvement in the violent stabbing death of Inspector Bryson Anderson in 2012.

Her son Mitchell was sentenced to murder.

Mr Scipione told Jim Wilson Barbieri’s “vile” comments in the moments after the stabbing would stay with him forever.

After eight years behind bars, she will be released within days.

“If I had to sum it up, I’d say I’m very disappointed, certainly angry, but most emotion being sad,” Mr Scipione said.

“She will get early release, but that family will never get early release from their pain.

“[Bryson] served and cared for community – never forget that.”

Jim said he believed cop killers should serve a mandatory life sentence.

“She was an accomplice to an evil act,” he said.

“It’s reignited the debate; why aren’t cop killers sentenced to life? In my opinion they should be. No room to move.”

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NSW Police Association President Tony King said he was horrified and gutted by the decision.

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