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Foreign criminals can appeal their deportation while victims denied a voice

A Liberal MP is leading calls to allow victims of convicted foreign criminals to have their voices heard when perpetrators appeal deportation.

Foreign criminals can appeal to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) to have their deportation notices overturned, but victims being denied their say at the hearing.

The offenders can make a case as to why they should remain in the country and even bring in representatives to attest to their character.

“The victims don’t have a say. The murderers, the rapists and the paedophiles do,” Ben Fordham says.

Chair of Joint Standing Committee on Migration Jason Wood is calling for change, saying those who have suffered at the hands of these criminals shouldn’t be left in the dark.

“Straight off the bat, we should actually have the victims in this being invited in… (if) they want to have their say,” he tells Ben.

The Liberal MP says he’s “greatly concerned” by the number of deportation cases the tribunal has overturned, saying the interests of the Australian public clearly aren’t being put first.

“The AAT has overturned 164 decisions in the last eight years.

“Their primary consideration actually should be Australian community expectations.

“That’s the number one priority, and to me, it’s not being taken into account.”

Mr Wood is also calling for tougher visa cancellation laws.

“If someone’s on a visa and commits a serious criminal offence, commits a sexual offence, commits a home invasion, a carjacking… do we really want them to be an Australian citizen?

“My view is most Australians would say not. Therefore, cancel their visas and move them out.”

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