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Finally, some good news for our drought-stricken farmers

Chris Smith
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At last, there’s some good news for our drought-affected farmers.

A convoy of trucks is on its way to southern Queensland, to deliver much-needed hay to drought-stricken farmers.

2200 tonnes of hay from WA and South Australia are being delivered by 70 road trains and semi-trailers.

In New South Wales, almost the entire state remains drought declared, with only 0.4 of a per cent deemed to not be in drought.

In Queensland, more than 58 per cent of the state is effected.

The government’s special drought envoy Barnaby Joyce will be in Charleville for the arrival of the Rapid Relief Team.

Mr Joyce tells Chris Smith while some areas have seen rain, it hasn’t been drought-breaking.

“What the concern is now is many of the areas you should be seeing, especially down, in towards New South Wales, at their very best. This should be the top of the season, and it’s not.

“It just needs a dry week and it’s gone.

“And in Queensland, well… it just hasn’t rained. It hasn’t rained in some areas for seven years.”

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