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‘Fight technology with technology’: Minister’s plan to end mobile phone use

The Roads Minister is prioritising a crack down on mobile phone use, warning the current culture is “deadly”.

About 9000 tickets have been issued this year for mobile phone use.

Currently, in NSW you will lose five demerit points if caught using a mobile phone, but Ray Hadley says it should be an immediate loss of license instead.

“You’re gonna have to catch the train or bus or walk… and I tell you now, the culture would change immediately.”

NSW Roads Minister Andrew Constance tells Ray he will work with police to come up with a solution to change the culture around mobile phone use.

“We’ve got to fight technology with technology.

“I’m going to have a very close look at this because I don’t think we need to wait years and years.

“I want to see every innovation from every corner of the globe looking at what we can do to basically apply technology to change this.”

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