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Festival goer taking cops to court over drug dog crackdown

One of the men challenging police in the Supreme Court over sniffer dog operations at festivals, claims the method isn’t based on proper science.

Musical festival goers will be kicked out of Above and Beyond music festival this weekend if drug dogs suspect they have or have had drugs on them – even if those drugs aren’t located.

Three men will file an injunction in the Supreme Court tomorrow to try and stop the crackdown.

Tom Raue is one of the three and tells Ben Fordham it’s an overreach of police powers.

“This latest escalation of the drug dog programme is pretty outrageous.”

Tom is going to the concert on the weekend and doesn’t want to be subjected to the dogs, even though he doesn’t plan on taking drugs.

“They always say the dogs are smelling something that might have been there in the past, but there’s no evidence whatsoever to show that.”

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