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Federal MP blasts corporate Australia for ‘kowtowing’ to China

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A federal MP says Australia should not give in to the “bully” Chinese Communist Party over an independent inquiry to COVID-19.

Beef imports have been suspended and tariffs on barley have already been threatened, which will have a billion-dollar impact on both industries.

George Christensen believes China has questions to answer over potential agricultural boycotts.

Federal Liberal National Party MP George Christensen told Alan Jones Australia should not back down.

“The deal with China is when you say something they don’t like they come and try this bullying and coercive tactic.

“You either stake your own claim, be an independent sovereign nation, or you just be a lackey.

“That’s what the Chinese Communist Party wants, that seems to be what the Labor party wants and it seems to be what corporate Australia wants.

“These people put money before their country.”

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