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Another driver captured watching a video behind the wheel

Another driver has been captured watching a video behind the wheel.

The footage, filmed by a listener Tomii Dejanovic, has been sent exclusively to Ben Fordham.

He was a passenger in another car when he noticed the behaviour on the M4 off-ramp on the Cumberland Highway.

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Tomii tells Ben it was “very dangerous”.

“It’s not something you want to see on the roads.”

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Chief Inspector Phil Brooks from the NSW Highway Patrol Command tells Ben the driver could face a $397 fine and lose five demerit points.

He says they’ve received the footage and will be investigating further.

“People do not tolerate poor driving behaviour on our roads. Other road users will call this out.”

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The latest video comes just a week after Ben Fordham was sent vision of a separate driver watching a movie behind the wheel in the M5 tunnel.