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Education Minister ‘absolutely furious’ at her own department over inaction

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A second NSW government minister has publicly criticised her own department, after it failed to fast-track an upgrade to a school for profoundly disabled children.

Parents of children who attend Passfield Park Public in Minto have continuously lobbied the government over the poor state of the school.

As well as an infestation of mould, they say the school has structural issues and some classrooms aren’t even accessible for wheelchair users.

After media attention, NSW Education Minister Sarah Mitchell promised an upgrade to the school would be fast-tracked.

But the Education Department has now told the school community the project will take five years and three months.

Ray Hadley demanded answers from the minister, who was quick to criticise her own department over the ordeal.

“I’m absolutely furious with what has happened in terms of a meeting that the department held out there last night.

“I have made it clear from the beginning to the secretary and to others that this is a project that needs to be fast-tracked.

“We run the government, not the bureaucrats.”

Ray Hadley says he’s “flabbergasted” after Ms Mitchell became the second minister in two days to publicly berate their own department.

“I’ve been doing this job for a long time. I’ve never got consecutive days on the program where two ministers are talking so much common sense. Sarah, congratulations!”

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