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EXCLUSIVE | Government guarantees new home for Sydney Speedway after compulsory acquisition


The state government has promised it will find a new home for the Sydney Speedway after announcing the current site will be compulsorily acquired for the Metro West project.

The site is one of 116 properties which will be acquired along the corridor from Westmead to the city, with many saying they haven’t been consulted at all.

Felicity Waldren has owned and operated the Speedway since 1977 and has been in negotiations with the government to extend their lease until 2026.

Felicity tells Alan Jones she found out via a phone call yesterday that the government was taking their business.

“Totally out of the blue!”

“I said, ‘but you can’t do that’ and Tom said, ‘well, we can’.”

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Now, Ray Hadley has exclusively revealed the Speedway won’t be lost to Sydney, with the government guaranteeing its future.

Transport Minister Andrew Constance has promised to build a new Speedway and promised there’ll be “no disruption to the sport”.

“I want to assure all racegoers, first of all, continuance of the sport through transition.

“Secondly, a brand new home in western Sydney. Hopefully at Eastern Creek but we will work through that.

“And thirdly, for Valvoline Raceway, a separate process in which they’re engaged with in terms of their business as a leaseholder.”

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Sydney Speedway track announcer Wade Aunger tells Steve Price it takes about three years to build a speedway.

“Our arrangement, they’re telling us, is going to be to move out in 2021.

“So there’s no way that we can get a speedway built in that short window.”

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