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‘Get on with it, champ!’: Transport Minister berates his own secretary

Transport Minister Andrew Constance has told his own secretary to “get on with it” after he expressed concerns about the Sydney Speedway replacement track. 

Despite the Minister promising Ray Hadley a new racing track will be built before the Sydney Speedway closes in 2021, his own secretary Rodd Staples told a government hearing it may not happen within the two-year time frame.

Now, Mr Constance has been forced to publicly tell his secretary to stop the bureaucratic waffle and finish the job.

“Get on with it champ! I don’t want to publicly denigrate a good secretary but he’s just got to get on with this.

“The bureaucracy is in no uncertain terms getting the message: build it!”

Ray was shocked, to say the least, to hear a minister deliver such public criticism.

Ray Hadley: “I’ve never been so stunned in all my life! You sound a bit cranky there Minister Constance.”

Andrew Constance: “Bloody oath… it was bureaucratic waffle. Two years to build a speedway? For goodness’ sake!”

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