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‘Economic chaos’: The renewable energy threat

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The NSW Minerals Council CEO has warned against relying solely on renewable energy, suggesting it should be supported by coal-fired power stations. 

A recent survey shows Sydneysiders in marginal electorates would support a High Efficiency Low Emission (HELE) coal-fired power plant.

The NSW Minerals Council polled five key marginal state electorates around Sydney and found, on average, 64 per cent of people would support a HELE coal-fired power station.

The CEO Stephen Galilee tells Chris Smith relying solely on renewable energy “is a very dangerous concept”.

“Until we have a roadmap on how we’re going to get to those targets what we expect is economic chaos.

“The problem with this energy debate is that it has become weaponised as a political debate.

“The reality is there is a much more broad mainstream view that an energy mix is needed.”

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