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Django the whale rescuer set free from $26,000 fine

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Queensland Fisheries have decided to drop $26,000 worth of fines levied at Aussie hero whale rescuer Django Hopkins.

Django, Australia’s newest hero, was facing steep fines after the young man saved a humpback whale calf caught in a shark net in Burleigh Heads on Tuesday.

The whale rescuer told Ben Fordham he “barely remembers” making the decision to free the whale, leaping into action consequences be damned.

“I’m a typical Aussie mate, I sort of do stuff first then think about it later.”

Mr Hopkins said after receiving notice of the fines, he was mostly concerned for the strangers who had already raised money to pay it via a crowdfunding platform.

“I was hearing reports it could go to $46,000, then to a maximum penalty of $60,000.

“I think [Fisheries] have done the right thing in the end.

“I’m just glad it’s going to be all over.”

Mr Hopkins suggested the funds raised by the generous Aussies be donated to marine conservation organisation Sea Shepherd instead.

“I’m not going to get [the money] and just go to the pubs when they open!”

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