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‘Did I dodge that effectively?’: One question has left this Hollywood star stumped

Deborah Knight

Hollywood star Dominic Sherwood has made his way down under for the Oz Comic-Con festival this weekend.

The 28-year-old British actor is best known for his role of Jace Herondale in the Netflix supernatural drama series Shadowhunters.

But he’s also portrayed iconic rocker Mick Jagger in the 2012 film Not Fade Away.

Deborah Knight has secured the only radio interview with the Hollywood heartthrob, with the chat touching on Dominic’s experience playing Mick Jagger and whether his odd-coloured eyes have ever cost him a role.

But one question Deborah poses has left him stumped.

When asked whether he’s more of a fan of the DC or Marvel comics, Dominic isn’t sure which way to turn.

“That’s really tricky,” he tells Deborah.

“What if I get back to LA and there’s an audition for one and they went, ‘Actually we heard that interview and you said Marvel, so you were going to play Batman but now you’ve ruined it!’

“I think the safest way of saying it is Superman’s my favourite.”

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Although Dominic has only been in Australia once before, he says there’s something special about us Aussies.

“I’ve seen such a cacophony of just really pleasant, happy, joyous people who made me smile.”

The Oz Comic-Con festival is on this weekend at the International Convention Centre in Sydney and you can grab your tickets HERE 

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Deborah Knight