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Dami Im: From child prodigy to releasing her fourth album

Within a whisker of winning, Dami Im finished second in Eurovision’s 2016 competition.

Now she’s released her fourth and album I Hear A Song, a compilation of songs by some of the greatest women in the industry.

The album with jazz roots is an ode to the music she discovered when she first began her singing career.

“I feel the most comfortable when I’m sitting at the piano playing and singing at the same time and these are all the beautiful jazz standards I’ve loved singing.”

Each track on the album was recorded with Dami singing and playing the piano at the same time.

Born in South Korean, Dami spent her younger years dubbed a child prodigy in piano.

“My mum was an opera singer so we always had music in our house so I guess she got me piano, it was a natural thing,” she tells Alan Jones.

“Piano became a part of my identity.”

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Dami will be performing for a handful of lucky listeners at the Alan Jones Mother’s Day lunch on Friday.

She’s also touring – click HERE for details