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CSIRO research backs giant dam plans to revive Australian farms

The CSIRO has handed down ground-breaking research that could see parts of north Queensland and the Northern Territory turned into an agricultural food bowl.

Australia’s national science agency led an extensive study which examined three key river catchments in Western Australia, the Northern Territory and Queensland.

Across those catchments, the CSIRO identified 390,000 hectares of land that could be irrigated, creating over 15,000 jobs in the process.

Resources Minister Matt Canavan is excited about the trailblazing research, telling Chris Smith “these are the best and brightest in the country saying that we can and could build dams right across northern Australia”.

The research also identified four potential dams that could be built in the Mitchell catchment in north Queensland.

The dams could deliver over five times the volume of Sydney Harbour in eight out of every ten years, generating $720 million in farm produce and 7250 jobs.

“Keep in mind we only irrigate about two-million hectares across the whole of Australia right now… this is a huge, huge growth opportunity.”

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The Queensland Senator admits it won’t be an easy sell, anticipating a substantial backlash from the Greens’ agenda.

“Of course we have, and will make sure that we protect the environment in Australia,” Mr Canavan says.

“But we should ignore those people who are just professional whingers, are narrow-minded and don’t want to look outside their small barista trendy cafe in inner-city Sydney.

“They’ll still want to eat all the smashed avocados and feta… in-between mouthfuls of those they’ll then be saying this irrigated agriculture is evil, terrible.”