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Cricket Australia Chairman David Peever resigns

Cricket Australia Chairman David Peever has resigned, effective immediately.

It comes just six days after he was re-elected at the organisation’s annual general meeting.

Peever came under increasing public pressure after a scathing 154-page report into the ball-tampering saga was handed down on Monday.

He leaves the role after holding the position since 2015.

Deputy Chair, Mr Earl Eddings has been appointed as interim chairman ahead of a permanent appointment being named.

Former Australian Test captain and Macquarie Radio host Ian Chappell tells Deborah Knight he’s “not really surprised”.

“It’s been building and I mean it just makes you think how stupid the appointment was.

“It all seems like it was a bit contrived to have him reappointed anyhow.

“I’m not surprised the pressure has built to this point.”

But Chappell says he’s not confident the move will bring the game forward into the future.

“It might help a little bit, but to me, the problem… has been the lack of cricketing knowledge at the highest level of the board.

“Getting rid of Peever and having Earl Eddings is not going to make any difference to that.”

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In a statement, Cricket Australia says, “We have a way to go to earn back the trust of the cricket community”.

“We and the executive team are determined to make cricket stronger.”

Former Cricket Australia and International Cricket Council CEO Malcolm Speed tells Ross Greenwood Peever’s position “was untenable”.

“There were two issues that emerged in the last week that sealed David’s fate.

“The way the report was handled… and I think the next one that got him… he referred to the incident in South Africa, the ball tampering incident, as a hiccup.

“That was just an indication of how he really didn’t, he didn’t understand the gravity of what Cricket Australia was facing.

“I think what was what finished him off.”

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