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‘Healthy’ tree falls on Sydney home

A ‘healthy’ tree has fallen on a Sydney home, right next to the property of Tom Malone, whose calls for the removal of a dangerous tree in his backyard have been constantly rejected. 

Tom has been trying for years to get permission to cut down a dangerous tree in his backyard but has been met with constant rejection by Willoughby Council.

He says the gum tree regularly drops large branches on their property and he fears, when the next big storm hits, it could fall right on top of his child’s bedroom.

His neighbour’s 40-year-old tree was deemed healthy by an arborist before it fell onto his home three years ago.

Peter Allen tells Ben Fordham this was the second tree that had fallen in his backyard.

“That came down and that went over, it knocked out our studio and the top part of the tree landed at the Malone’s house.

“That tree had been deemed to be healthy by arborists who were trimming the tree each year.”

He is appalled the council continues to reject Tom Malone’s application to cut down a ‘healthy tree’ in his own backyard.

“His tree, it’s not a case of it will fall down it’s when it will fall down and I just can’t believe the council decision.”

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