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Council refuses to remove potentially deadly tree

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Tom Malone has grave concerns for the safety of his young children after the council forbade him from removing a tree in his own backyard.

Mr Malone has appealed to Ben Fordham about the dangerous situation.

He says the large gum tree in his backyard regularly drops large branches on their property and he fears, when the next big storm hits, it could fall right on top of his child’s bedroom.

Willoughby Council has rejected Mr Malone’s application three times in the past three years.

He tells Ben “trees are being put in front of human lives”.

“What if this tree falls in a storm one night when the kids are in their bed?

“I’m not convinced these council officers that come around to look at the trees are looking at it with the right view either.

“I actually think that the green movement has got inside the councils as well.”

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