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Commission to eliminate ‘grubs’ and revive greyhound industry

An Integrity Commission has been established to clean up the greyhound industry, keeping animal welfare as a top priority.

The Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Commission (GWIC) was born after former NSW premier Mike Baird backflipped on his move to ban greyhound racing.

Ray Hadley has applauded the commission’s work, saying there’s no place for “grubs” in the industry.

“We need to get the grubs out of it. We need to make sure the people who are left in the industry are obeying the rules,” Ray says.

A reform panel has recommended stricter licensing and registration regimes, with a new code of conduct also being introduced later in the year.

GWIC’s Cheif Commissioner Alan Brown tells Ray the momentum is favouring reform.

“People [are] accepting they do have to change… they appreciate the fact that the government has given them another chance.”

Alan says the animal’s welfare will be paramount.

“One of the major recommendations was to make sure that we have a whole of life registration and tracking of all greyhounds. When people do get a greyhound they’re not just going to race it and then dispose of it.”

The GWIC are currently visiting clubs across NSW to discuss the changes. They will be operational from July 1, replacing Greyhound Racing NSW.

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