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“Coal Equals Corruption”: Are foreign billionaires entitled to taxpayer money?

What is the agenda when it comes Adani other giant mining companies?

Alan Jones spoke with Director of Energy Finance Studies Australasia, Tim Buckley to find out.

“Coal is all about internalising the revenue and externalising the cost onto taxpayers.

“You said this was all about cheap energy for India. This will actually be about expensive, dirty energy for India. It’s not gonna be cheap.

“It’ll actually be the most expensive energy in the sub-continent by the time it gets there.”

Last Friday, Indian Power Minister, R.K Singh announced he will release for tender 77,000 megawatts of solar projects over the next 30 months.

“That’s more solar in just over two years than the entire Australian electricity grid.

“The reason why he’s done that is because it’s 20% cheaper than existing domestic coal powers.

“He’s totally endorsed and accelerated India’s energy transformation which just makes a mockery of the idea that the Carmichael coal is going to India. It would be too expensive to use in India.”

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