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Clive Palmer funding sponsorship deals, still owes workers thousands

In the past 24-hours, Clive Palmer has announced he will spend $100,000 in sponsorship deals in a bid to boost his popularity.

Palmer is seeking to sponsor North Queensland football club and other local sporting clubs but Member for Herbert in Townsville Cathy O’Toole says “it would be like rubbing salt in the wounds of former workers”.

“It’s outrageous,” she tells Ross Greenwood.

“Clive is trying to do everything he possibly can to get the community on side except do the one thing that he should and that’s pay those workers their entitlements.

“People in our community have very long memory, so they don’t forget easily the devastation that was caused by the collapse of Queensland Nickel and the ripple out affect into our community.

“If Clive wants to ingratiate himself into our community, he would be best advised to pay the former [Queensland Nickel] workers their entitlements.”

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Clive Palmer’s elusive nephew Clive Mensink has also lost an appeal against two warrants issued to bring him to the federal court for questioning over the collapse of Queensland Nickel Refinery.

Mensink, who ran the refinery, disappeared overseas in June 2016.

Liquidators now allege he was running the company alongside Clive Palmer, despite Palmer not being allowed to run the refinery while he was in federal parliament.

They’re alleging Palmer acted as a shadow director, and have sought to freeze Palmer’s assets.

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