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Chris Smith slaps down Minister’s ‘socialist brainwave’ proposal

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Chris Smith is slamming a “shocking, socialist brainwave” from New South Wales Education Minister Rob Stokes.

He’s outlined a radical proposal to encourage wealthy private schools to allow public school students and community members to access their facilities.

The facilities on offer at some of the state’s elite private schools are world-class; sportsfields, performing art centres, concert halls, swimming pools.

“But of course, you pay an arm and a leg to send your kids to these schools… and then some!” says Chris Smith.

Mr Stokes says the idea is aimed at reducing duplication and ensuring the best facilities are on offer for all students.

Chris is not on board with the proposal.

“Hang on a second, if this were the case…  why would we send our children to a private school in the first place?

“I’m sorry, but this is a shocking, socialist brainwave from Rob Stokes.

“Doesn’t he realise that all these pools, and libraries and sports fields… are more often than not, paid for by the parents, not just through exorbitant school fees, but very regular donations.”

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