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CFMEU’s stand-off with government over Willow Grove relocation

The NSW government is claiming it will “save” Parramatta’s historic Willow Grove house by moving it to a new site before construction of the Powerhouse Museum begins.

Ray Hadley expressed his disappointment at those who have fallen for Art Minister Don Harwin’s “nonsense” “hook, line and sinker”.

“Does anyone really think this is true? I’ll tell you what it’ll be – it’ll be a replica!”

Ray encouraged the NSW government to adopt his “radical” alternative, and “shove the replica where the sun doesn’t shine!”

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NSW Labor leader Jodi McKay told Ray it’s a “ludicrous proposal”, and demanded the government declare how much it would cost.

“I think they think they’ve reached some sort of middle ground here, but … it would be so much easier to build the Powerhouse Museum on that North Parramatta site.”

CFMEU NSW secretary Darren Greenfield couldn’t believe the government was suggesting relocating the heritage building brick by brick, and told Ray Hadley the union’s green ban will remain in place.

“This is preposterous.

“We’re asking all our contractors and builders to not touch that building.”

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