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‘It is stupid’: Ray Hadley unites with CFMEU over unlikely cause

The CFMEU has placed ‘green bans’ on two heritage buildings in Parramatta to save them from destruction by the state government.

St George’s Terrace, built in 1881, and Willow Grove, built circa 1886, have been slated for demolition to make way for the Western Sydney branch of the Powerhouse Museum.

The construction union has long fought to preserve the two sites, and the green bans will prevent work from going ahead.

CFMEU NSW secretary Darren Greenfield told Ray Hadley the union has had recent success with the strategy, saving the iconic Bondi Pavilion from redevelopment.

“We need history for our kids and grandkids … there for them to look at.

“We just think there’s too much in this country that is being bowled over.”

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has cited a $60 million cost to the budget bottom line if the government foregoes the sale to a private developer.

“I’m from Western Sydney Ray, and I say out there they deserve every building they can get.

“I think the west misses out a lot of the time. But there is plenty of opportunity out there … and the $60 million is a drop in the ocean.”

Ray echoed the call to save the buildings for their historical significance.

“Does it sound stupid? It is stupid.

“The CFMEU and I are rarely on the same page, but today … we are.

“We want to make sure, in the future, the second place settled in Australia … [is] preserved for young people to go and say ‘look, that’s what happened when they came here all those years ago.”

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An online petition addressed to Premier Berejiklian, asking her to support the green bans and listen to community feedback, has gained nearly 2000 signatures.

To read and sign the petition, click HERE.


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