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Central Coast face navigational disaster unless government steps up

The Central Coast Council is being accused of ignoring severe erosion issues at Brisbane Water.

The state government has provided more than $150,000 in emergency funds to help pay for a super dredger to use on the Ettalong Beach Channel.

But, despite the looming navigational disaster, the council is refusing to purchase or lease a dredge, deferring its decision.

Peninsula Chamber of Commerce President Matthew Wales tells Ray the issue delays are affecting ferry services and have made the channel unsafe.

“Nobody is in dispute over the fact that the dredging has to be done, nor is anybody in dispute over the renourishment progress that has to be put into place.

“But the Central Coast Council has just been procrastinating about this issue for so long, and effectively walking away from its obligations, hiding behind the fact that they believe the state government is responsible and not themselves.

“We won’t stand aside and allow them to abrogate their responsibilities here. We’re going to hold them to account.

“The channel at the entry to Brisbane water has narrowed down to as little as six meters, and at low tide, you’ve barely got a half metre of clearance under vessels.”

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Image: Fantasea Palm Beach Ferries