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Cashless welfare could be on the cards for young Aussies on the dole

A push is on to extend the cashless welfare card scheme to include all Australians under 35 who receive a parenting payment or the dole.

The motion is being put forward by the Federal Young Nationals, the Courier Mail reports.

The cashless welfare card system works by putting 80 per cent of a welfare recipient’s payment into a debit card that can’t be used to buy alcohol or to gamble.

The card has been trialled in regional towns across the country and has shown success.

Mayor of Ceduna Allan Suter says the card has worked wonders for his community, but he isn’t confident it’ll work at a national level.

“As great as the card has been for our community, I would see that as a mistake,” he tells Ben Fordham.

“The card has been accompanied by a suit of services and they’ve been very well managed by the Department of Human Services.

“To try to expand that Australia-wide would stretch that beyond relief.”

He says the card should be “targetted in communities that can demonstrate a need” rather than “blanketly rolled out”.

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