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Should this transgender athlete compete at the Comm Games?

UPDATE | Laurel Hubbard has withdrawn from the weightlifting competition due to an elbow injury

A transgender weightlifter from New Zealand is competing for gold at the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast.

Laurel Hubbard was born a man and competed in the men’s weightlifting circuit under the name Gaven before undergoing a gender transition five years ago.

Laurel is raging favourite to win gold in the women’s 90kg weightlifting event, but a number of relevant federations claim she has an unfair advantage because she was born a man.

Macquarie Media Commonwealth Games Reporter Natalie Peters has the details, saying Laurel is “obviously an incredibly strong woman”.

“She’s still so far ahead of her competitors.

“The head Samoan team coach came out yesterday firmly opposed to her competing here today,” she tells Ben Fordham.

The Commonwealth Games Federation says Laurel is qualified and eligible to compete as a woman because she shows testosterone levels below the threshold required by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

“Australians want the IOC and the Commonwealth Games Federation to rewrite the rulebook,” says Natalie.

“But as it stands, she’s allowed to compete here.”

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