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Bye Bye Barbie, ‘disturbingly depressing’ push to ban children’s toys a step too far

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One of the world’s most popular children’s toys and stories is under threat today, all again thanks to political correctness.

There’s a push to ditch Thomas the Tank Engine because apparently, the loveable engine reinforces gender stereotypes.

Barbie and other children’s favourites also face the firing squad as Victorian councils audit libraries, schools and kindergartens in a bid to strip them of books and toys which don’t meet certain gender standards.

Ben Fordham is “sick and tired” of the nonsense.

Federal Minister Alan Tudge took to Twitter this morning to share a photo of his son leading the crusade against the “fruitcakes”.

“He’d be absolutely devastated if we had to ban Thomas,” he tells Ben.

“In some ways it’s hilarious, it’s also deeply depressing at the same time.

“You sort of think, where is this going to stop?”

“Can you just get out of our faces, let our boys be boys, let our girls be girls.”

Ben tells the Minister it’s not just Thomas in the firing line, but also Winnie the Pooh.

“Well, I’m a bit worried about Winnie because he hasn’t got any underpants on has he!”

Listen to the full interview below