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Brave little girl makes harrowing triple zero call and saves her mum’s life

Jim Wilson Exclusive

On Monday May 18, Karen Bunter suffered four life-threatening seizures. She credits her eight-year-old daughter Trinity with saving her life.

Karen had been ill for more than a week and was “soldiering on”, until her condition suddenly deteriorated.

“I knew I was in dire straits,” she told Jim Wilson.

“Trini said to me, ‘Do you need me to call an ambulance?’ and I said ‘Unfortunately possum, you need to call an ambulance’.

“Without her, I wouldn’t be here.”

NSW Ambulance control centre officer Julie Brown answered that triple zero emergency call, and she said she remembers it vividly.

“Calls from children tend to stay with you a little longer.

“When Trinity told me she was eight years old I was blown away. I thought she was definitely older.

“She answered these questions with the perfect amount of information, and when I gave her instructions she relayed them to her mum almost word-for-word.”

Recalling that day, Trinity told Jim, “It was tough, but I knew I had to do it otherwise she would’ve been a goner.”

Last year Trinity attended a CPR course, spurred to do so by her mum’s ongoing health issues. She told Jim everyone should do the same.

“It was actually quite hard, but it was good to learn how to do it.”

Julie said Trinity’s knowledge and skills equipped her to make that life-saving 000 call.

“Trinity … in her life will just go forward and do great things because of these basic fundamentals that she knows. She should hold her head up high.”

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Jim Wilson Exclusive