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Ben has big breakthrough, campaign sparks $500-million classroom aircon spend

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The education centrepiece of next week’s state budget is the $500 million in funding to air-condition public school classrooms.

Airconditioning units will be fitted in up to 1,000 public schools, with every new and existing school to be upgraded with the amenity.

The investment is the largest of its kind in the state’s history, outstripping Labor’s policy by $200 million.

Ben Fordham has consistently campaigned to have the units installed across all New South Wales schools and is relieved the Minister finally came through.

Speaking with Ben, the Minister congratulates him on the success of the campaign.

“Congratulations to you and your listeners, because you have been forthright and constant in your support for this measure.”

He also ensures schools in humid and hot areas will be the first to be fitted with units.

As to whether schools who have funded the units themselves will be compensated, Mr Stokes says the funding is not part of a “compensation package”.

“This is not a compensation package, this is a building package.

“Very cognisant of the fact that many schools over the years have helped to co-fund or even fully fund air-conditioning systems, obviously I’m very grateful for that.”

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