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Ben Fordham says he can relate to Millennials moving home

Ben Fordham reveals he was among many adults who moved back home, as new research shows the number is higher than ever.

Australian Institute of Family Studies shows 43 per cent of young people were living in the family home in 2016 compared to 36 per cent in 1981.

The head of research Kelly Hand tells Ben Fordham the cost of housing is a factor.

“Money is certainly a factor.

“It’s driven by affordability of being able to leave home, but also people are spending time saving more so that when they do leave home they have more money available for housing.”

Ben Fordham reveals he too moved home as an adult.

“I moved back in with mum and dad in my mid-thirties for a couple of months, I stayed for two and a half years.

“Eventually mum said ‘listen, dad thinks it might be time for you to move on’.

“They had a swimming pool so I stayed for one more summer then I vacated.”

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